There’s no doubt that both employers and students can gain a lot from internships. Interns can be key in pushing boundaries and trying new things. Young innovators can oftentimes be more willing to step outside of their comfort zone because they are still defining what that comfort zone is.

Students provide fresh perspectives, uninhibited potential, and have a pulse on the latest trends. On the other end, employers provide connections, real-world work experience, and insight into where someone might want to take their career. 

According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, on average 70% of employers make a full-time job offer to their interns. In an industry that is constantly challenging innovators and encouraging growth, an internship program that fosters creativity and real-world experience is a worthwhile investment that fuels the future workforce.

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“As a current intern with NSTXL, I can say that I felt welcomed and like I was a part of the team almost immediately. With a fast-paced company like NSTXL, you have no choice but to run along with it,” said Abby Kudym, Marketing Intern. “My experience so far has made me feel valued and I have been given work that actually means something. I feel that by the time I am done here, I will be able to take on any job that may be asked of me.” 

One of our core values at NSTXL is collaboration. By creating an environment that encourages growth, education, and direct interaction with other teammates we can help champion tomorrow’s changemakers and give them a wider scope of experience.

“When we decided to officially roll out our internship program, it was really important to us that they were working on real, tangible projects from the start,” said Meghan Fisher, Content Strategist at NSTXL.

NSTXL’s internship program incorporates a customized learning plan to guide them through their first 30 days. The plan also includes long-term project goals based on their interests and skills. In doing so, we can make sure every team member, including interns, is contributing to each project while ensuring they find value in the experience as well.

“We make time to work with our interns even before they come on board to figure out what their career goals are, what projects will help them reach those goals, and how we can design a very robust learning plan that they could use throughout the program,” Fisher said.

It’s no secret that the defense industry is rapidly expanding and becoming more competitive by the day. If we are going to continue meeting each new challenge and staying ahead of the curve, it’s crucial that our team is driven by our mission and empowered to come to work.

We strive to be one of the best places to work and offer competitive benefits, flexible time off, and a team of passionate coworkers behind each project. Working at NSTXL means that you are surrounded by the best and brightest from different industries, backgrounds, and experiences. Every team member is diverse, talented, innovative, and ready to meet whatever challenges come their way.

Interested in joining our growing team? Learn more about our company culture and explore our open positions.  

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