Terminal Seeker for Hypersonics Weapon Systems

The Department of Defense (DoD) is seeking prototype support to address to develop and demonstrate a hypersonic-capable EO/IR homing seeker during the terminal guidance phase, capable of withstanding harsh hypersonic conditions, in absence of GPS, while minimizing Size, Weight and Power (SWaP). The seeker design will need to be developed and tested for effectiveness on a hypersonic vehicle...

Printed Circuit Board Analysis Tool (PCBAT)

The Navy desires a prototype software application that we call Printed Circuit Board Analysis Tool (PCBAT). Printed circuit board analysis, in this context, is the automation of assessing the physical configuration, condition, and provenance of electronics and associated components on printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs) to manage supply chain risk; these efforts are done manually today at a high cost

Radio Frequency Spectrum Dominance

The DoD desires the capability to detect and counter emerging threats in the electromagnetic spectrum (EMS), providing warfighters with an enhanced understanding of their battlefield environment. The RFSD aims to collect and analyze RF signals to compare against a baseline environment, and automatically alert warfighters to anomalous signals.

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Electromagnetic Spectrum Predictive Modeling Prototype

The DoD desires innovative prototype solutions for predictive models that utilize novel approaches to analyze, forecast and identify multi-domain capability gaps related to Electronic Warfare (EW), Information Warfare (IW), Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations (EMSO), Electromagnetic Warfare (EMW), and Cyber Warfare.