Shelley Tweedy

Chief Marketing Officer

In her role as Chief Marketing Officer, Shelley Tweedy helps drive opportunity growth and market expansion for NSTXL and their clients. Leveraging a customer-centric approach, she is passionate about creating the ultimate partner and member experience from the point of acquisition to long-term client success. Her experience as a B2B technology leader for start-ups and mid-market organizations has been essential in accelerating the use of emerging technology within the federal space and helping forge partnerships between the government and private sector organizations.

As the AVP of Marketing at DataBank, she played a central role in transforming the organization’s market approach by shifting to a multi-channel digital model, building a revenue-generating team from the ground up, and strengthening cross-department collaboration through a vertical-focused organization restructure. Prior to DataBank, Shelley worked for a healthcare start-up, where she helped build the organization’s business model and processes and was responsible for the development of their corporate identity, brand and market strategy. She is a graduate of Ball State University and lives in Oregon with her husband and 3 kids.