The Navy desires to develop a state-of-the-art (SOTA) heterogeneous integrated packaging (SHIP) prototype to demonstrate enhanced fabrication and packaging access for the Department of Defense (DoD) programs. The primary objective of the SHIP prototype project will be to demonstrate a novel approach to a secure, assessable, and cost effective SOTA integrated, design, assembly, and test leveraging the expertise of commercial industry. In addition, a SHIP prototype will achieve less power consumption and latency, also reducing physical size, improving performance and reliability. Achieving the objective will require novel and innovative methods including unique and secure design tools, and intellectual property for multi-die heterogeneous integration of SOTA microelectronics.

Phase II Awarded to: Intel Federal, LLC. (Digital),  Qorvo (RF)

Would you like to work with the awardees? Points of Contact are listed for companies interested in being contacted by potential subcontractors & vendors.

Qorvo: Kirk Ashby, Research Program Manager, kirk.ashby@qorvo.com, (972) 994-3868
Intel Federal: Gena Gleason, Strategic Engagement Manager for Secure Microelectronics, gena.gleason@intel.com, (301) 526 1912.