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Expanding our domestic microelectronics infrastructure is a top DoD priority. But, without a new approach, innovative microelectronics ideas are at risk of not transitioning from research laboratories to prototyping in fabs (lab-to-fab).

The Microelectronics Commons is a first-of-its-kind solution to empower commercial leaders to guide the DoD’s efforts in microelectronics development. With the creation of regional technology hubs, each focusing on key technology areas, Microelectronics Commons is closing the gap between research ideas and realization of those ideas.

Awareness Day

November 9, 2022 from 1:00-2:30

Hear directly from the government about the upcoming Microelectronics Commons initiative. Hosted by Shaun Davis, Doug Crowe, Bryan Smith, and Dr. Allison Smith.

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Industry Days

December 7 – 8, 2022 in the D.C. Area

Join us in person or virtually for a two day Microelectronics Commons Industry Day with presentations from the government program office and exclusive networking opportunities.

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Core Pitch Days

November 29 – December 1

During Pitch Days, potential Cores will have the opportunity to showcase their capabilities and qualifications to potential Hubs.

In order to attend this event, you must meet the requirements listed below under “What is a Core?”. If you are interested in attending or presenting during Core Pitch Days, complete the interest form above to be added notified when registration is live.

What is a Core?

Core Facilities (Cores) are entities with the capabilities that are required to demonstrate prototypes with the volume and characteristics required to ensure reduced risk for full manufacturing production. They provide Hubs with access to repeatable processes, back-end manufacturing/integration and full flow-fabrication (i.e., Cores have scalable capacity beyond what the regional Hubs will be required to provide). Core facilities will provide access to ≥200-mm tooling for prototyping silicon compatible technologies and/or ≥100-mm tooling for compound semiconductor technologies.

What is a Hub?

Hubs connect researchers and designers to prototyping capabilities targeted to regional strengths in the Hub’s technical topic area. They will be competitively selected based on expertise and capabilities in the region.

Hubs will concentrate on one or more of six technology areas including: Secure Edge/IoT Computing, 5G/6G Technology, Artificial Intelligence Hardware, Quantum Technology, Electronic Warfare, and Commercial Leap-Ahead Technologies.

It’s Time to Close the Gap From Lab to Fab


Members in our Network receive access to support services aimed at maximizing exposure and creating business and collaboration opportunities to market and promote their technologies and capabilities to prospective U.S. Government and private sector buyers.


Annual Revenue Annual Dues
< $10M $250
$10M – $50M $1,000
$50M – $100M $5,000
$100M + $10,000


Annual Revenue Annual Dues
< $50M $500
$50M – $100M $5,000
$100M+ $10,000

Academic & Other

Types Annual Dues
University $2,500
Laboratory $2,500
Incubator $500
Investor $2,500

*To be eligible for SpEC membership, you will need to provide a DD2345 form during membership registration. Please see additional information on SpEC’s website.

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Collaborate with a regional network of leading commercial innovators.

Drive the conversation around emerging technology needs and inform Government of upcoming challenges and innovations.

Partner with U.S. based microelectronics fabs/foundries.

About the Microelectronics Commons

The Office of the Undersecretary of Defense, Research & Engineering (OUSD(R&E))’s Microelectronics program has a need for domestic prototyping capability to accelerate technology demonstration. The end-state goal is to develop a national network of regional innovation hubs and core facilities distributed across the U.S. that will reduce barriers to innovation, mature emerging microelectronics technologies, enhance existing microelectronics infrastructure, and foster a pipeline of domestic talent and innovative ideas.

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